Horn For NH CD-2 - Jennifer Horn Comments on the President's Latest Health Care "Reform"

The President is stunningly out of touch in his remarks today. The American people do NOT want Washington to act now. Americans are demanding that Washington STOP, shred this bad legislation, and start over in a responsible, step by step manner.

The American people recognize this as nothing more than a massive Washington power grab that will not solve the challenges we face. Despite the President's claim, a $2.5 trillion dollar spending package simply can not reduce the deficit.

Health care decisions belong in the hands of doctors and patients. We can make health insurance more affordable and more accessible by finally tackling tort reform, allowing small businesses to pool their resources and purchase in bulk and open  insurance markets across state lines - and all of this can be accomplished without charging the American people one dime.

The American people have rejected government take over of health care, they have rejected the nanny mentality of universal health care and they have made their  voices heard on this.

Should this Congress choose reconciliation, they will be choosing to override the voice of the American people.