NetRight Daily: Bunning, Unions

Democrats Stab Bunning in the Back:  How hard is it to cut $10 billion out of the $3.6 trillion federal budget? That's what Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) wanted to know. It's a good question: Can the U.S. Senate cut anything at all to pay for new spending?

Union Power Undercuts Business Flexibility:  Successful business leaders who must navigate their way through challenging economic climates understand how important it is to maintain flexibility and dexterity in their decision making.

McDonnell Appears To Be Ignoring Campaign PromisesThe other day I wrote that Republicans faced a choice in Virginia. This was in reference to newly elected Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell proposing policies that seemed to be the opposite of what candidate McDonnell supported while claiming to be a "fiscal conservative" and "anti-stimulus" Republican

Greek Debt Crisis:  Could It Happen Here?:  As Greece faces billions of dollars in debt payments coming due over the coming months, the nation is attempting to avert a loan default — which would rock world markets — by implementing a series of tax hikes, benefit cuts, and begging for a bailout from their European neighbors.

In Praise of Partisanship:  I am about to ink a sentence for the ages that I have never written before. The likelihood of a recurrence of this phenomenon is equally slim. But on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, February 21, I agreed with Arianna Huffington. No, certainly not with every utterance that came from her lips. That would require more flexible philosophical gymnastics than I find myself capable of exhibiting. But nonetheless, Arianna did manage not only to make a true statement, but also a powerfully cogent one.

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