NetRight Daily: ObamaCare, Rangel and More

Obama Demands ObamaCare Vote Within Weeks:  "Reconciliation" and "bipartisanship" are the buzzwords of the day. Today, Barack Obama delivered his latest incarnation of ObamaCare, wherein he green-lighted the use of the budget reconciliation process, as reported by the Daily Caller. He even made a pretense of "reaching across the aisle" to include some of the "best ideas from Republicans" on how to reform the system.

Obama Calls Dems to Pickett's Charge:  They started out in perfect alignment, 12,500 men stretching more than a mile, battle flags waving, bayonets fixed, and gazes focused on the enemy across the valley, tensely waiting for them on Cemetery Ridge. Less than an hour later, it was over, with more than half of them dead or wounded, their cause having reached its high-water mark and failed.

The Clarity of False Choices:  "There are those who claim we have to choose between paying down our deficits…and investing in job creation and economic growth," President Obama said in December. "This is a false choice." During the same speech, he asked his audience to "let me just be clear" that, having racked up the biggest budget deficits ever, he is embracing fiscal responsibility, as reflected in his vow that "health insurance reform" will not increase the deficit "by one dime."

GOP:  "Contractually Bound?":  Seeking to capitalize on the righteous indignation voters are feeling toward President Barack Obama and his Congressional allies, a group of Republican politicians is dusting off an old playbook.

Democrats Must Lose Rangel:  He may be taking a "temporary leave of absence" from chairing the House Ways and Means Committee, but Charlie Rangel took a "leave of absence" from ethics a long, long time ago. It's a shame that people — and by "people", I mean his fellow Congressional Democrats — are only taking action now against the biggest cheater in Washington.

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