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  1. Special Election Alert!
  2. Five Years of Failed Leadership
  3. Disgrace: Hodes and Shaheen Refuse to return tainted donations
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Special Election Alert!

We have one more special election to go! We've been on a roll winning six out of the last seven special elections and are primed to win number seven next Tuesday.

Residents of Carroll, Dalton, Jefferson, Lancaster, Northumberland, Stark, Stratford and Whitefield will go to the polls next Tuesday, March 9th to elect a new State Representative. John Tholl is a proven tax-fighter and has been campaigning hard but needs your help! This Saturday and Sunday, volunteers will be gathering for a district wide lit drop:

  • Where: Irving Gas Station
                 2267 Route 302
                 Bretton Woods (click here for map)
  • When: 10:00 AM

If you can help out with the lit. drop please RSVP to BJ Perry at or by calling 801-2007.

On election day, volunteers are needed to hold signs at the polls. If you can help out on election day please RSVP to Katie Horgan at or by calling 225-9341.


In case you weren't taxed enough by the Lynch administration, Governor Lynch is attempting to add one more tax to the list of over 40 he supported in the current budget. This new tax is in the form of a new toll on the New Hampshire -- Massachusetts border in Salem.

The only thing this toll will do is stifle cross-border traffic and bring local commutes to a crawl in Salem, Windham, and Derry. As such, more pain will be brought to New Hampshire's business community that depends upon thrifty shoppers from the Bay State.



Disgrace: Hodes and Shaheen Refuse to Return Tainted Donations

The Union Leader (3/3) reports that Congressman Paul Hodes and Senator Jeanne Shaheen have officially refused to return the tainted campaign contributions they received from disgraced Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY). Numerous other Democrats – including Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter – have already returned their dirty Rangel money after he was admonished by the House Ethics Committee for breaking Congressional ethics rules.
“By refusing to return Charlie Rangel’s tainted contributions, Paul Hodes and Jeanne Shaheen have confirmed that they are both knee deep in the ethical cesspool created by years of Democrat control in Washington. Their unwillingness to dump Rangel’s dirty money is disgraceful and motivated either by reckless arrogance or sheer greed,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “Paul Hodes and Jeanne Shaheen have demonstrated that their moral compasses have been broken because of their close association with the corrupt Washington politicians who have bankrolled their campaigns.”

Rangel has made the following tainted donations to New Hampshire Democrats:
Senator Jeanne Shaheen: Received $10,000 in tainted donations from Rangel’s PAC during the 2008 election cycle. (
Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter: Received $10,000 in tainted donations from Rangel during the 2008 election cycle. (
Congressman Paul Hodes
: Received at least a total of $17,000 in tainted donations from Rangel. $11,000 since 2004 from Rangel’s PAC and at least another $6,000 from his campaign committee. (
Congressional Candidate Katrina Swett: Received $10,000 in tainted donations from Rangel’s PAC during the 2002 election cycle.


Upcoming Events