NHDP - John Stephen Starts His Campaign Where He Left Off: Distorting Facts for His Political Agenda

NHDP Launches Website to Tell the Real John Stephen Story


CONCORD - John Stephen began his campaign for governor where he left his last campaign: distorting facts to suit his political agenda.

"This is why John Stephen was known as the most untrustworthy person in state government. He distorts the facts to advance his own political agenda," said Mike Brunelle, executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


According to the Concord Monitor, John Stephen incorrectly claimed that New Hampshire was ranked last in the nation in business tax climate. In fact, the independent Tax Foundation ranks New Hampshire one of the top states in the nation for the business tax climate.


Greg Moore, a spokesman for Stephen, tried to explain away the distortion by saying: "If he did a better job of reading his notes, he would have gotten it."


Brunelle said, "This is just another example of why people don't trust John Stephen. This was one distortion among many he made during his press announcement yesterday. Governor Lynch has made the tough decisions to hold the line on spending - with the average annual increase well below inflation and well below previous governors. That's why New Hampshire has the fourth-lowest government spending per capita, one of the nation's lowest tax burdens, and an unemployment rate 30 percent below the national average."


"Stephen's notes apparently did not include any information about his own record," Brunelle said.


"John Stephen has a clear record of fiscal incompetence: 103 percent increase in spending during his years at the Department of Safety, asking for huge budget increases at the Department of Health and Human Services, and making mistakes that were costly to the taxpayers," Brunelle said.


The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching www.realjohnstephen.com today to fact check John Stephen's distortions and to provide the public information about John Stephen's real record.