NHDP - Ayotte Flips - Again - On Recovery Act

Kelly Ayotte Takes Her Fourth Position on the Recovery Act Since Announcing Candidacy


CONCORD - Yesterday, Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte took yet another new position on the Recovery Act. Since declaring her candidacy, Ayotte has flip-flopped on the issue an astonishing four times. On Wednesday, when she was voicing her opposition for the bipartisan jobs bill passed by Congress, she suggested it be paid for with remaining stimulus funds [ABC News, 3/310]. But yesterday, at a candidate's forum in Portsmouth, Ayotte told the audience the Recovery Act money be used to pay down the deficit [Portsmouth Herald, 3/5/10].


As Attorney General she embraced the use of Recovery Act money to fund New Hampshire programs. But as a candidate for US Senate, she has consistently advocated against the Recovery Act, going so far as to sign a pledge to repeal it if elected.


"Which is it Kelly?" said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Should we spend the money, take it back, put it toward job creation or use it to pay down the deficit? New Hampshire families don't need political whiplash or another candidate who doesn't know where she stands. They need strong leadership and someone in Washington who will fight to get them back to work."