CHQ - Republicans Need to Remember the Conservative Message Against Spending

How Quick the Message Fades (Frank Salvato) - "It is stunning to find out that there are still some elected officials in Washington DC  especially on the Right side of the aisle  who dont fully understand the message being sent by the American citizenry regarding their grotesque spending addiction. No, Im not talking about earmarks or pork barrel spending, which in and of themselves should be egregious enough to warrant defeat in the next election. I am referring to how US Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) was thrown under the bus when he demanded that his fellow Senators actually allocate existing funds for a program they wanted to implement."

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Should Christians Use Saul Alinsky's Tactics in Exposing Corruption? (Doug Giles) - "A Christian pundit, Dawn Eden, thinks my daughter Hannah Giles and her partner James O'Keefe should not have used Saul Alinsky's deceptive tactics against ACORN because Saul was "evil," his methods sneaky, and he dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer."

Tax dissatisfaction fuels the Tea Party
The News-Enterprise - It's hard to believe that Tea Parties can spring up from just the efforts of a couple folks who weren't satisfied with the way government is overspending, but here's a look at how the movement in Kentucky started because two women just couldn't take it anymore and felt they had to do something. 

Boehner fundraiser for RINO sparks protests
American Spectator (blog) - House Minority Leader John Boehner probably never figured that his appearing at a fundraiser for a member of his caucus would cause such problems, but citizens in Alabama's 5th district aren't happy about Boehner's support of newly minted Republican Rep. Parker Griffith. 

Candidates run against Washington in Indiana GOP U.S. Senate debate
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - There're many themes present in campaigns for office in 2010, but one in particular creeps into just about every discussion (or debate) on the subject - namely, how the Washington establishment has fouled up the country. 

In North Carolina, Burr's challengers face uphill battle
Greensboro News & Record - Pollsters are saying that this year will be a challenging one for incumbents of both parties - and even elected officials with fairly good reputations will face primary battles, as this look at the North Carolina GOP U.S. Senate race demonstrates. 

Pat Buchanan:  Jim Bunning is Pitching for America
Human Events - Pat Buchanan writes on Jim Bunning's actions last week in the Senate to delay more federal spending until the leadership explained how it could be 'paid for' under new rules - and says it's just the start of a national conversation that must be held on what to do about our national debt.  

Star Parker:  It's time to stop lying to ourselves
World Net Daily - Star Parker issues an urgent call to action for the American people to 'wake up' and stop lying to ourselves about what's happening with our government - and to put a stop to its monstrous growth before it's too late.  

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