Kucinich War in Afghanistan Privileged Resolution Update

Hi, Dennis here,

This week a privileged resolution will be brought to the floor of the House of Representatives to make an attempt to try to get America out of the war in Afghanistan.

This resolution, which I wrote, requires the President to remove the troops within 30 days from the time the resolution is passed and no later than December 31st, 2010.

There are many reasons why we need to get out of Afghanistan; I'll just name a few.

We're spending hundreds of billions of dollars - total waste - because the Afghanistan central government is totally corrupt. We have a thousand troops whose lives have been lost. And many more injured, some of them permanently. Countless individual Afghanistan citizens have been killed or injured as a result of this conflict.

We should take heed from the Russian experience in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is not going to be conquered and we have to understand that the weight of history has been against our efforts from the start.

Now we have to determine whether or not America will take a new direction in Afghanistan. Not to go in deeper with the surge, but to get out. That's what is going to be discussed this week in Washington.

Please, help us. Please, get the word out. Please, contact anyone who you think could be influential in getting members of Congress to pay close attention to this vote. The vote will occur on Wednesday.

Thank you, as always, for your help and for your determination to see a more peaceful world created.

Thank you.