CHQ - Viguerie Memo to Tea Party and Conservative Leaders: It's the Primaries, Stupid!

Conservative HQ's News From the Front | 31 March 2010

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From @RichardViguerie:

My talk with the Northern Virginia Tea Party last week -- "It's the primaries, stupid!" #tcot

Media filled w stories re: rude, mean-spirited, racist, dangerous Tpartiers. In movement numbering 57 million, bound to be a few nuts #tcot

I remember 1960s, media called conservatives racist, bigots, neo-Nazi and fascists. As Palin said Sat - media lies about Tparty #tcot

Nothing new with the media -- for over 50 years they have lied about us because we are the main opposition to their socialist agenda. #tcot

Take heart conservatives! The national media is attacking us because they fear us.#tcot

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Viguerie Memo to Tea Party and Conservative Leaders: It's the Primaries, Stupid! - 80% of the filing deadlines for Congress have not passed. Paraphrasing the Clinton-era campaign advice, Viguerie strongly encourages focusing on recruiting solid, principled conservatives to run in primary contests.

Tom Pauken: High 'conservative' IQs - brilliantly wrong
Washington Times - Former Vice President Dick Cheney and the neoconservatives were wrong in thinking that 'Big Government conservatism' could actually work.

Personhood on the Ballot in Colorado
CBN -- An effort to extend all unborn babies basic civil rights has made it on the ballot in Colorado for the second time.  Similar efforts are being pursued in 40 other states.

'Scorched Earth' in Arizona
American Spectator -Sen. John McCain is heavily outspending and deploying a 'scorched earth' media strategy to try and discredit challenger J.D. Hayworth, the same aggressive negative tactics McCain neglected to use when campaigning for president against Pres. Obama.

Tea Parties and the Republican Party
American Thinker - Bruce Walker writes on the notion of Tea Party activists breaking with the Republican Party to form their own Party - and says they shouldn't do it.



by David A. Patten |

Grass-roots tea party activists are on the verge of triggering another "Reagan revolution," and have actually begun to overshadow the GOP in importance, according to conservative historian and author Craig Shirley.

"The incredible explosion of government and the concentration of power in Washington, the money and the lobbyists, should give alarm to any traditional conservative, whether its Barry Goldwater or Bill Buckley or Ronald Reagan," Shirley says during an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV's Kathleen Walter.

Shirley, the CEO and president of Shirley & Banister Public Affairs, has written a new book, "Rendezvous With Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America," with a foreword by columnist George F. Will.

Shirley says eight years of governance by Republicans who veered away from conservative principles set the stage for Reagan's emergence. And during the George W. Bush years, Shirley says, the GOP repeated its mistake of transforming itself into "the second big-government party in America."

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