NetRight Daily: Health Care, VAT and More

These Are The Times That Try Our Souls:  The words of Thomas Paine ring as true today as they did in 1776. These are indeed the times that try men's souls. The American people have been forced to swallow legislation from a government that believes that it can mandate rights and steal from the fruits of one's labor.

Washington Wants a VAT... What They Need Is A Twelve Step Program:  After passing the healthcare bill that raises taxes on earned income, dividends, suntans, medical devices, capital gains, and pharmaceutical companies, not to mention the cost of health insurance for those of us able to afford it as well as those who can't, you may be asking what Congress plans to do as an encore.

Health Care:  Endorsed By Obama Supporters?:  Fallacies are mistakes in reasoning that occur so often and are so easily made that, over the years, logicians have sought to give them names for convenient reference. While teaching a recent unit on fallacies to my Logic students, I plucked from the Internet, summarized, and placed on a test an argument advanced by a blogger to counter the evidence from polls that Health Care Reform legislation was unpopular with the American people.

Private Workers Forced Into Underfunded Union Pension Plans:  Labor unions market themselves to prospective members by promising an array of benefits that include generous, well-funded pension funds guaranteed to endure through retirement. However, the most recent government data available show that union negotiated plans are severely underfunded and perform quite poorly in comparison with non-union plans.

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