CHQ - Government Is the Biggest Lawbreaker

Government Is the Biggest Lawbreaker | 09 April 2010

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Government Is the Biggest Lawbreaker
American Thinker -- The consequences for private individuals breaking the law are immense, yet government gives itself a free pass?  Mark J. Fitzgibbons argues that citizens should start holding the Leviathan accountable, and start urging politicians and law enforcement to tackle the government lawbreakers with as much zeal as we pursue the Bernie Madoff's or Toyota's of the world.

Jed Babbin: Waxman Plans Industry Show Trials (Breitbart) -- As business across the nation begin to evaluate and announce how many jobs will be lost due to ObamaCare, House Democrats are planning to blame businesses -- not big government -- for the negative impact on jobs and the economy.

Mainstream media conservatives are too attached to the GOP
American Conservative - Jack Hunter takes on those mainstream conservatives who, to their detriment, have become far too close to the Republican Party to effectively challenge it - a view often espoused by leaders in the movement, such as Richard Viguerie.

Tea Party revolution will be evident at the ballot box
Hingham Journal - Mary Jane Hanron of Hingham, Massachusetts writes on her conception of America's Tea Parties, which she believes is a true grassroots movement that encompasses and accepts diverse views - but with one common purpose: to advocate for our founding principles and limited government.

The Right Ramps Up
Wall Street Journal - Kimberley Strassel writes of the efforts being made to establish conservative third-party organizations to match and combat the power of liberal third-party groups like - and the results could be seen as early as November.

Heritage Foundation forms 'grassroots advocacy' organization
Washington Examiner - Heritage Foundation president Ed Fuelner announced that Heritage will now actively lobby its policy proposals on Capitol Hill and use its 630,000 grassroots members as leverage to try and move things along.

Democratic Party image drops to record low
Gallup - The Democratic Party's 'favorable' ratings have now reached an all-time low, with a mere 41% of Americans holding a positive view of the Party.

No such bump: ObamaCare unpopular, Obama increasingly so
Washington Examiner - Pres. Obama's personal popularity is also taking a dip and is now at its lowest rate since he assumed office.

Rubio keeps gaining in Florida GOP U.S. Senate race
Washington Times - Florida GOP U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio has opened up a commanding (56-34%) lead in his race against Party establishment-backed Gov. Charlie Crist.