NHDP - NH GOP More Political Games, Budget Hypocrisy

Concord - Remember June 2009? Back then, the legislature was putting the finishing touches on the 2010/2011 budget - and what were the Republicans saying about revenue estimates? Here's what Norm Major, the Republicans' top Ways and Means and revenue guru had to say: 

"I don't see any exaggeration in the revenues at this point in time." - Norm Major [Union Leader, June 13, 2009]
Rep. Norm Major, R-Plaistow, was among the notables to approve the budget's revenue projections. Two years ago, he fought tooth and nail against the Democrats' projections. That gave Republicans a rallying cry when the economy went south: "Norm Major warned them." This time he thinks the projections fall in the right range. [Union Leader, June 21, 2009]
But now, as Democrats continue working to clean up the mess of the George Bush recession - New Hampshire Republicans are singing another tune, lobbing false criticism about the revenue estimates and refusing to propose real solutions to the serious budget challenges facing our state.
"It's important to remember what Republicans were saying just one year ago - agreeing that revenue estimates in the budget were reasonable," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Their claims today are hypocrisy, pure and simple. Rather than roll up their sleeves and help solve the state's budget changes, they prefer to play political games and hope the people won't remember what they were saying a year ago."

Democrats continue to be responsible stewards of the New Hampshire budget. During the past 30 years Republican Governors have raised general fund spending an average of 17%.  Under Governor Lynch it has been less than a third of that, and the current budget actually reduced General Fund spending.