NHTPC - Keynote Speakers for Tea Party

MANCHESTER, NH — The NH Tea Party Coalition and participating groups and individuals will hold a 'tea party' on April 15, 2010 at 5:30 PM — dusk in Victory Park, Manchester. As was last year's, admission is free.

We are PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE HAVE CONFIRMED BOTH Michigan's US Congressman Thaddeus McCotter and former US Senator from NH Gordon Humphrey as our KEYNOTE SPEAKERS.

All candidates have been invited to display their literature and signs on tables places throughout the park, and many groups will also be in attendance with materials to browse. There will be some speakers although time is limited. The event is presented as an opportunity for the public to meet like-minded people and get to know the causes for which they work.

Motivated by the currently uncertain situation in our country, many new people have been asking how they can be involved. Now is the chance to explore these NH-based groups working at the local, state, and federal levels and to show our elected officials that we will not be silenced.

The NH Tea Party Coalition is comprised of many NH-based groups who are united behind such constitutional principles as smaller government, fiscal conservatism, free-market capitalism, sound money, less taxation, states rights, and national sovereignty. 

Candidates should email the NHTPC for a table application for the event as soon as possible so that the proper number of tables can be ordered. Individuals can sign up for their weekly newsletter by contacting webmaster@nhteapartycoalition.org