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With so many power grabs going on it's crucial to expose them to the American people and demand Congress stand up to the administration.

A key vote is just weeks away, on the EPA global warming power grab. The Senate will vote on SJ Res 26 and will need 51 votes to stop the EPA.

On the interactive chart at you can click on the EPA box to send a message to Congress on this crucial vote.

You can also see the newly updated version of the chart reflecting recent developments in the FCC Internet power grab, the NLRB union power grab, and Obama's refusal to allow offshore drilling.

Please check it out:

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Phil Kerpen
Vice President, Policy
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. We think is a great tool to put in context all the ways Obama is bypassing the democratic process. Please help us show the big picture to more people by forwarding this email to your contacts, sharing the chart on Twitter and Facebook, or blogging about it. Thanks.