Wirtland Institute - Cybercountry Creates "Think-Tank" to Study New Forms of Statehood

The Wirtland Institute (WI) was founded in March 2010 as a center for research, analysis, and professional dialogue in the area of new forms of statehood, pertaining to their social, legal, political, economic, and other aspects. WI is conceived to become Wirtland's "think tank" and produce policy recommendations for the first sovereign cybercountry. WI is independent from the government of Wirtland; WI's authors and experts are not limited to citizens of Wirtland. The founders will do their best to keep Institute neutral and free from any political or ideological bias.

The Wirtland Institute welcomes high-quality contributions from international experts. WI opens with publication of article by Thomas Frey, Executive Director at DaVinci Institute, entitled "The Virtual Country: Six Possible Scenarios for the Creation of Viable Virtual Countries". "Emerging forces in globalism has given rise to the notion of creating Virtual Countries, countries without land and without borders. Citizens of Virtual Countries will live in existing land-based countries; abide by their laws; and, at the same time, hold two or more citizenships", - points out the author of the article.

Wirtland institute was appointed with domain name www.Wirtland.org.

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Wirtland (www.Wirtland.com, www.Wirtland.net, http://Wirtland.blogspot.com, www.Wirtland.org) is an experiment into legitimacy and self-sustainability of a country without its own soil. Wirtland's population has recently passed the 1000 mark, representing people from nearly every world's country from all 5 continents. Wirtland grants citizenships, issues ID cards, mints gold and silver money, is featured in Wikipedia. Wirtland announced a plan to legitimately acquire real land in the future, to become eligible for international recognition.

Source: http://wirtland.blogspot.com/2010/04/wirtland-creates-its-own-research.html

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