CHQ - Viguerie, Fitzgibbons: Next It Will Be Government Crashing the Tea Party

Viguerie, Fitzgibbons: Next It Will Be Government Crashing the Tea Party

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Viguerie and Fitzgibbons: Next It Will Be Government Crashing the Tea Party
Washington Examiner - Richard Viguerie and Mark J. Fitzgibbons write that Big Government will be the next liberal-driven entity that tries to silence the Tea Parties, seeing as the mainstream media and Democratic politicians have already tried and failed.

Ending the Fed From the Bottom Up
Tenth Amendment Center -- William Greene proposed a return to Austrian economic principle by passing "Constitutional Tender Acts" in state legislatures across the country.

Media Research Center: Coverage of Tea Parties is Disparagingly Biased
Daily Caller (blog) - Conservative media-observer Media Research Center has conducted a study on the popular media's coverage of America's Tea Parties and found it to be disparagingly biased against them.

Is Romney Grasping at Straws?
American Spectator - Mitt Romney has made overt efforts to show well in Party straw polls, but Aaron Goldstein writes that Romney will no doubt have difficulty explaining away his costly Romney-care legacy in Massachusetts - and it's still far too early to tell how the 2012 GOP presidential race will turn out.

Support for Repeal of Health Care Plan Up To 58%
Rasmussen Reports - As time goes on and people learn more about it, support for repeal of the recently passed Obamacare government health plan continues to grow, with 58% (including 50% who strongly favor repeal) of respondents in the most recent survey saying they'd like to see it repealed.

66% Say America Is Overtaxed
Rasmussen Reports - Government's debts are rising by the minute, and two-thirds of Americans say the country is already overtaxed - will the political class ever get the message and start cutting spending?

Florida Senate GOP Primary: Rubio 57%, Crist 28%
Rasmussen Reports - It's big and getting bigger, speaking of conservative favorite Marco Rubio's lead in the Florida GOP U.S. Senate race, where he's opened up a 29-point lead over RINO Gov. Charlie Crist - clearly, conservatives have taken over the Florida contest. Not surprisingly, voters also see Rubio as the stronger candidate in the general election.