NetRight Daily: Stern, Green Jobs, and More!

Andy Stern Resigns from the SEIU:  After allegations have been swirling that Andy Stern, the President of the SEIU, has failed to file as a lobbyist, Mr. Stern has announced that he will resign from the SEIU.

What Is Andy Stern?:  On March 31, 2010, the SEIU filed their LM-2 forms required by Federal law. In the quest to provide transparency of what the SEIU is doing, some startling revelations have been made since the documents have come to light.

Is The U.S. Killing Green Jobs?:  Check out the latest ALG video examining the closing of a BP Solar plant in Maryland.

Obama's Appointment Failures:  Many Americans expressed surprise at the hard left turn of the Obama Administration which promised post-partisanship in their drive for the White House.

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