Tax Day Resources from Heritage Foundation

That the most productive system of finance will always be the least burdensome,

James Madison, Federalist No. 39

As you prepared your tax forms this year, I’m willing to bet that you do not believe our elected officials have created the most effective system of financing the government.

As you prepare for a Tax Day Tea Party, or if you are still working to complete your 1040 form, I wanted to point you to some of the latest Heritage research, analysis and commentary on taxes and spending.


  • Here is a brochure called “Taxes Are No Laughing Matter”. It briefly explains what’s wrong with current levels of spending and taxation. Please feel free to use it at your Tea Party.
  • The Heritage Budget Chart Book is a resource that allows you to explain our current federal budget and tax structure in a graphic, even interactive, way.
  • The Index of Dependence on Government outlines the extent to which Americans have become increasingly reliant on government spending in their lives. To read a shorter paper on the subject click here.
  • Heritage has created a series of videos on the Death Tax. The Death Tax is completely eliminated for 2010, but goes back to a 55% rate in 2011. These videos highlight real family-owned businesses that face the threat of closing if they are forced to pay this immoral tax.
  • Many in Washington are looking for more ways to pay for the exploding growth in government spending. One “solution” that has been offered is to add a European-style Value Added Tax or VAT to our tax burden. Read more here.

If you, or someone you know, wants to better understand how to become a more active citizen and participant in what’s happening around you, please check out our one-page Patriot’s Guide.

Finally, if you are attending a Tax Day Tea Party, we want to hear about it. Please take a lot of photos and videos and send them our way. We want to let other people know what’s happening across the country.

Thanks for all you do for liberty.