- Spotlight - Greenlining Institute Rooted in Legalized Bank Robbery

At Franklin Center and, we pride ourselves on promoting quality journalism. As such we wanted to share with you a new five-day series of articles that the Washington Examiner is running this week. The Examiner has partnered with CalWatchdog and its freelance investigative reporter Tori Richards to delve into the radical ACORN-like group called the Greenlining Institute.

Based in Berkeley, California, the Greenlining Institute describes itself as “a national policy, organizing, and leadership institute working for racial and economic justice.” Its mission statement is to “empower communities of color and other disadvantaged groups through multi-ethnic economic and leadership development, civil rights, and anti-redlining activities.”

However, it has also recently been accused of legalized extortion among other allegations. Today’s article reports on the organization evolution from the practice of “persuading” giant financial corporations and community banks “to re-direct billions of dollars away from profit-making activities to lending based on ideologically defined gender and other demographic factors.”


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