CHQ - How Bad Could 2010 Really Get For The Democrats?

How Bad Could 2010 Really Get For The Democrats? | April 14th 2010

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How Bad Could 2010 Really Get For The Democrats? -- Very bad, according to Sean Trende -- which means great opportunities for Tea Party and other small government candidates to challenge the status quo.

Two Incumbents Lose Texas House Seats to Conservative Challengers
Dallas Morning News - Conservative leaders such as Richard Viguerie have often said that if conservatives hope to change the Parties and change government, they need to run for office at all levels and take them over - in Texas, conservatives were successful in doing just that.

Governor Charlie Crist Mulling an Independent Bid; Dropping in Polls -- As conservative challenger Marco Rubio continues to make the case agaisnt Florida Governor Charlie Crist, advisers to the governor are encouraging him to bail on the Republican primary and run as an independent.

In Colorado, Ken Buck Poised to Win GOP Nod
RedState -- After having won the endorsement of Senator Jim DeMint, conservative District Attorney Ken Buck has an open shot at the Colorado GOP nomination for U.S. Senate.  Meanwhile, unable to compete in a GOP convention, establishment-backed Jane Norton opts for a direct appeal through petition signatures to get on the primary ballot.

Fimian Calls For an End To Earmarks -- VA-11 conservative challenger Keith Fimian takes the pledge not to indulge in Congressional earmarks, calling on his Democratic opponent and Republican primary opponent to do the same.

Edwards vs. Flores in TX-17
Hotline -- The GOP is eager to bump off five-term Democrat Chet Edwards in a heavily Republican seat, after a self-financed campaign effort by businessman Bill Flores puts Democrats on the ropes.

Agitated McCain: Don't Call Me a Maverick
Politico - Sen. John McCain has generated a lot of curiosity over his recent declaration that he's never considered himself a 'maverick' (despite claiming the moniker on countless occasions), and it's clear that even being asked about something he said is generating angst in his gut.

Big Easy Beatdown... GOP Couple Savagely Beaten After Leftist Protests at SRLC -- A couple attending an SRLC fundraiser was savagely beaten after dozens were harassed by a leftist protest organized outside the fundraising event.  While the media is predictably underreporting the story, statewide bloggers are stitching together the pieces to this politically motivated attack.

Incentives Not To Work -- Democrats are seeking to expand their constituency by expanding unemployment benefits, thus inducing workers to stay at home rather than rejoin the workforce.

Tea Parties vs. Hard-Left Protests - L. Brent Bozell III writes on the stunning contrast in the mainstream media's tone between covering Leftist protests (such as the Million Man March or anti-Iraq War demonstrations) versus the truly 'peaceful' Tea Party gatherings.

Conservatives Should Ensure No More John Paul Stevens Republicans
American Spectator - W. James Antle, III details the recent history of Supreme Court nominees and their respective partisan support, and argues that it's time that conservatives stop supporting liberal nominees - because liberals have stopped voting for qualified conservatives.

Early Republican Straw Polls Viewed As Measure of A Candidate's Ability to Organize Supporters
CNS News - It's safe to say that presidential straw polls don't carry much weight at this stage of the presidential nominating process (especially when there are no declared candidates), but they are helpful in determining a candidate's level of support amongst party activists .