NHDP Calls on Stations to Pull False, Deceptive Ads

Ad Claims Contradicted by the Very Articles it Cites; Cites Newspaper Story from the future
CONCORD - Recent National Organization for Marriage ads are false, misleading and deceptive and television stations should immediately pull them, lawyers representing the New Hampshire Democratic Party have told the stations.
The ads make claims that are contradicted by the very articles it cites; cites a newspaper story from two months in the future; and cites as "proof", newspaper stories that do not back up its false claims.
The ads are being run by the National Organization for Marriage, an out-of-state group that is facing ethics investigations in three states - Maine, Iowa and California.
"Gov. John Lynch has cut state spending, kept New Hampshire's taxes and state spending among the lowest in the nation, and balanced the budget even in difficult times," said Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "It is the National Organization for Marriage that is lying to advance its hidden agenda of hate and discrimination."
Potential Republican gubernatorial candidate John Stephen quickly embraced the ad and the National Organization for Marriage.
"John Stephen didn't let the truth stand in the way of his attempts at political advancement in the past, and nothing has changed," said Buckley. "John Stephen supports the lies and hate agenda of this out-of-state group because he wants to distract voters from his record of ethical transgressions and financial mismanagement. In these tough times lies are not enough. Facts matter."
The ad claims Governor John Lynch "lied" when he said the 2009 budget was balanced, and then cites as "proof," a Concord Monitor article that discusses the state using Rainy Day Fund money to "balance the 2008-2009 budget."
The NOM ad falsely claims that state spending increased 27 percent, and cites as "proof" a Union Leader editorial that does not mention Gov. Lynch, and does not say that state spending increased 27 percent in the past two years. In fact, according to the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies, state spending will decrease in 2008-2009, and increased only 8 percent in the previous two years - below the average of previous governors.
The ad even cites an article from the "May 21, 2010" edition of the Union Leader.

Links to the letter, and back-up material showing NOM's blatant inaccuracies are included below.

Copy of Letter to WMUR

Link to Concord Monitor Article

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