YRNF Co-Chair Stickan to Help Break New Tea Party Ground

The Young Republican National Federation (YRNF) is excited to announce that YRNF Co-Chair Lisa Stickan will be one of the key event speakers at the first Tea Party event to be held on a college campus.

The event will be held at John Carroll University (Cleveland, Ohio) and has been widely proclaimed as the first Tea Party to be held on a college campus in the United States. 

"It is exciting to see these students taking a stand on their own campus. I am encouraged to see these younger voters vocalize their conservative political views and engage the other members of their school. This fervor that is sweeping our country will lead to victorious results for conservative Republicans this fall.", said Ms. Stickan. 

The event is being hosted by the John Carroll University Conservatives at the University Quad (20700 North Park Blvd, University Hts., Ohio 44118) from 11-3PM tomorrow, April 15th. 

Lisa Stickan is Co-Chair of the YRNF, an Assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor, and also a John Carroll alumnus.     


About the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF):
The Young Republicans (YRs) are the oldest political youth organization in the United States. A critical part of the Republican Party, the YRs reach out to registered voters 18 to 40 years of age and provide them with better political knowledge and understanding of the issues of the day. Since its creation, the YRNF has established itself as the premier Republican grassroots organization in the nation, providing essential grassroots support for Republican candidates and conservative issues on the local, state and national levels. The YRNF has a solid record of producing future Republican Party leaders - including Governors, Senators, Congressmen, nationally recognized campaign consultants, and community leaders. Through recruiting, training and mobilizing people, the YRNF presents an opportunity for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Through community involvement in political issues, charitable projects and participation in political campaigns, YRs work to improve the world in which we live. While the YRs are best known for political activism and service to our communities, YR events also provide a great opportunity for interaction amongst membership. This interaction allows for the exchange of ideas, networking, and friendships that will last a lifetime. The YRs provide different opportunities for different people. No matter what your long-term goals may be, the YRs serve as the building blocks for a successful future.

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