CHQ - Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated

Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated | April 15th 2010

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34% Say They Or Someone Close To Them Part of Tea Party Movement
Rasmussen Reports - As the government becomes less and less responsive to the will of the people, the Tea Party movement's popularity continues to grow - with a recent poll showing that 34% of respondents claim they or someone close to them are part of the movement.

Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier, More Educated -- A new CBS/New York Times polls suggests Tea Party supporters reflect the demographics of most Americans.  Top three issues?  Health care reform, government spending, and the belief their opinions are not represented in Washington D.C.

Tea Party Profile: Many Ways To Describe A Movement
Rasmussen Reports - As the Tea Party's numbers continue to grow it's still hard to find one concrete way to describe the movement, but a recent survey showed that the overwhelming majority of the Tea Party's members are dissatisfied with government and trust the American people a lot more than the political class to do the right thing.

Tea Partiers Are At a Crossroads
Washington Examiner -- Protesting and showing up to events is a good start, but the Washington Examiner asks whether the Tea Party movement is ready take the next step; electing a new generation of principled leaders.

Sarah Palin: Movement Leader, Media Mogul or Presidential Contender?
Washington Examiner - Julie Mason writes on Gov. Sarah Palin's appearance at the Boston Tea Party rally yesterday, where Palin once again used the occasion to blast Pres. Obama and the proponents of Big Government. Mason says it's hard to assess Palin's role within the Republican Party, however, despite the fact that she continues to draw large crowds wherever she goes.

Gov. Chris Christie Is No Reagan: This Boss Is Not Born To Ron
The Star-Ledger (NJ) - Some counted it as a victory for the conservative movement when Republican Chris Christie pulled an improbable upset victory in New Jersey's gubernatorial race last November - but now that he's assumed office, we're finding out that he's really governing more like Jimmy Carter than Ronald Reagan.

Ken Buck Gets Backing From Key GOP Senator Jim DeMint
Greeley Tribune - Comparing him to Florida's Marco Rubio, Sen. Jim DeMint endorsed Colorado's Ken Buck in the state's GOP U.S. Senate primary, claiming that Buck's strength with Colorado's conservative Tea Party movement helped make up his mind on who would make the best Republican candidate.