NetRight Daily: Tax Day

The War on the Young:  The Government Debt Burden:  The current national debt is $12,834,045,677,823.92. Each citizen of the United States' share of that debt is $41,642.80. Who will pay for this debt? The only answer that seems plausible is future generations of Americans.

Tea Party in Prince William County, Virginia:  I just got back to the office from the Prince William County, Virginia Tea Party. Here are a couple of clips from it featuring our own Bob Adney and former Virginia Governor George Allen.

Tea Party Leaders Talk on Tax Day:  The TEA Party movement will be in full swing today -- all over the nation. From marching through downtown streets to rallying together in front of courthouses, the mission is the same. TEA Partiers don't approve of where the federal government is leading America and are taking a stand against it.

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