NHDP - Get the Facts, Republican Radio Ad Lies About the Lynch Record

CONCORD - As part of their continuing campaign to hide the truth about John Stephen's record of fiscal irresponsibility, the Republican Party today announced that they would be launching a new misleading radio ad.


"John Lynch has lead and continues to lead on the most important issues facing our state - standing up for workers mistreated by companies; fighting for a new jobs plan to help put people back to work; lowering New Hampshire's high school dropout rate; keeping state spending and our taxes among the lowest in the nation," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


"This ad is just another desperate attempt to distract from the record of their standard-bearer, John Stephen. John Stephen has a long history of ethical transgressions, financial mismanagement and putting his own political interests ahead of the people of New Hampshire," Buckley said.