CEI Weekly: Ten Thousand More Commendments in 2010

CEI Weekly

April 16, 2010 

>>CEI Releases it's 2010 study on the regulatory state 

CEI's Wayne Crews unveiled his study on the growth of the regulatory state on tax day, April 15th. Crews covers not just the $1.349 trillion projected deficit in 2010, but the hidden taxes that occur because of the inundation of new regulations each year. Read about the study here. CEI's Crews and Ryan Young covered some of their findings in an op-ed in AOL Times.

>>Shaping the Debate 

VAT Chance

Wayne Crews and Ryan Young's op-ed in the Daily Caller

Don't Be Afraid to Drink the Water

Iain Murray's op-ed in NPR

Short-Sighted Ban Endangers Food Supply

Angela Logomasini's op-ed in the Washington Examiner

The Constitutional Issues of Cloud Computing

Ryan Radia's citation in MSNBC

Over the Counter Goes Under

John Berlau's op-ed in the American Spectator

>>Best of the Blogs

Do we Really Want to be Like Europe? 

by Fred Smith

With the passage of ObamaCare, we’ve taken another giant step towards Europeanizing America. Tragically, our history shows a steady trend in that direction, with government spending as a percentage of GDP steadily increasing from 20% in the 1930s to over 35% in the last two decades. From the first success of the Progressives in the late 19th century, the United States has tended toward the European regulatory-welfare state model. Is this convergence wise?

Stern Jumps off Sinking Pension Ship

by Ivan Osorio

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President Andrew Stern plans to retire as head of the union that he helped to transform into the most powerful in America. Considering the access he enjoys to the Obama administration — he was the most frequent visitor to the White House last year — the timing of his departure seems odd. While it could be seen as a case of knowing when to quit so as to go out on top, or of riding into the sunset following SEIU’s huge victory in helping ram Obamacare through Congress, there may be another, much less triumphant reason for Stern to quit now.

>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 88: Facebook Confidential 

Richard Morrison, Jeremy Lott and Marc Scribner bring you Episode 88 of the LibertyWeek podcast. We take on utility bureaucrats in the Southland, wine freedom in New York, Facebook privacy fears and World Series scandal.

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