NHDP - Republican Candidate for Governor Compares Paying Taxes to Rape

Republican rhetoric reaches new lows; candidates for high office should publicly condemn the disgusting statement and pledge to run clean, civil campaigns


Concord - Jack Kimball, Republican candidate for governor, compared paying taxes to getting raped yesterday.

"Republican rhetoric is completely out of control," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "A spirited debate on tax policy is one thing, but comparing taxes to rape is disgusting.  His comments are degrading to the real people who have suffered from this horrific crime. They are offensive to both women and men, and have no place in civil political discourse."

"Do the other Republican candidates for high office agree with Kimball's statement?" asked Richer.  "John Stephen, Kelly Ayotte, Charlie Bass, Rich Ashooh, Frank Guinta, and the other Republican candidates need to make a decision.  Are they going to pander to the fringe elements in their party or are they going to going to run civil campaigns?"

The comments from Kimball are just the latest example of what has become a pattern of shocking statements and disturbing behavior by the Republican Party during this election cycle.

This week, John Stephen embraced an ad campaign by a sleazy out-of-state group that advanced an agenda of hate and discrimination.

And last week, Republican Chair John H. Sununu chastised the media for reporting on right wing protesters who hurled racial slurs at members of Congress and spat on them as they walked up the Capitol steps to vote on health care.

"The Republican Party is intentionally fostering hate and anger among the extreme right wing members of their party," continued Richer. "We are seeing the sad results of a strategy that Sununu outlined back in September."

In an interview with Fosters Daily Democrat
, Chairman Sununu outlined exactly this approach.  In the article, "The GOP will benefit from angry voters," Sununu explains that the GOP strategy is to make the extreme right wing of the Republican Party as angry possible. He said, "You know, I think one of the last things Louis XIV kept telling his people was that the anger of the people will turn the people toward us."

"The people of New Hampshire are sick and tired of the politics of hate," added Richer.  "Republican political rhetoric has reached new, shocking lows and the candidates for high office should condemn the offensive statements by Jack Kimball, the National Organization of Marriage, and Chairman Sununu and pledge to run clean, civil campaigns."