- New Earth Day Ad Campaign Blasts Lavish Salaries, Corporate Partnerships

Earth Day = Pay Day, In the Big Business of Environmental Movement

New Ad Campaign Blasts Lavish Salaries, Corporate Partnerships
Enjoyed by Enviro Groups

Washington, DC., April 19, 2010 – Earth Day was started as a grassroots attempt to call attention to environmental problems.  But it’s since become Big Business.  Earth Day is now Pay Day for many environmental groups. 

Freedom Action, a new political advocacy group, has launched a new ad campaign blasting environmental groups like World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and the National Wildlife Federation for “spending big bucks to promote global warming as a crisis and to advocate energy-rationing policies.” 

In addition, “major corporations such as General Electric, Duke Energy, Dow, Shell, General Motors, and Exelon stand to reap windfall profits from cap-and-trade,” the ad points out. 

What’s more, the CEOs of such companies won’t feel the pinch from the rise in energy prices resulting from government mandates and taxes on energy use.   “People like Jeffrey Immelt of GE, James Rogers of Duke, Frederic Krupp of EDF, and Frances Beinecke of NRDC can afford paying $7 for gas and twice as much for electricity. On the other hand, average working Americans and unemployed Americans are going to have to suffer so that these fat cats can get fatter.”

The ad is slated to run in the Washington Examiner and Human Events this week.
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