Tenthers - The Federal Health Care Nullification Act

Los Angeles, CA  (PRWEB) April 19, 2010 "Now that Health Care reform has been signed into law, the question people ask most is "What do we do about it?" said Michael Boldin, founder of the Tenth Amendment Center.  "The status quo response includes lobbying congress, marching on D.C. "voting the bums out," suing in federal court, and more.  But the last 100 years have proven that none of these really work, and government continues to grow year in and year out."

"We recommend a different path, one advised by prominent founders such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison - nullification," said Boldin.  Nullification, according to the Center, is the rightful remedy to an unconstitutional act, as it considers the recently-signed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to be. When a state nullifies a federal law, it is proclaiming that the law in question is void and inoperative, or non-effective, within the boundaries of that state; or, in other words, not a law as far as the state is concerned.

In partnership with WeRefuse.com, the Tenth Amendment Center has announced the release of their model legislation for such state-level action, the Federal Health Care Nullification Act.  The Act would codify in state law that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act "is not authorized by the Constitution of the United States...is hereby declared to be invalid...shall not be recognized...is specifically rejected...and shall be considered null and void and of no effect" within the boundaries of any state enacting it. It also mandates that it "shall be the duty" of the State's legislature "to adopt and enact any and all measures as may be necessary to prevent the enforcement."

The two groups have set an initial goal of 100,000 petition signers to support the state nullification legislation, and consider this the ultimate expression of the sovereignty of "We the People." "Nullification will allow Americans to stop the overreaching federal government now, not years from now," said Trevor Lyman of WeRefuse.com who popularized campaign "money bombs" in support of Ron Paul"s 2008 presidential run. "We can make our biggest waves in local politics.  Our state governments understand the impact of a vocal and irate minority, and they simply need to hear from us.  WeRefuse.com and The Tenth Amendment Center's Federal Health Care Nullification Act give our state legislators their marching orders," he continued.

According to both groups, the new health care reform legislation not only violates conservative principles by greatly enlarging federal power and control, but also is an affront to traditional progressive principles because it requires millions of people to give their money to an industry that many liberals revile, and interferes with the ability of states and local communities to enact their own health care programs as they see fit.

"It's time to remind the federal government that We the People are in charge and not the other way around," said Boldin. "Following the Constitution every issue, every time, without exceptions or excuses requires us to resist federal overreach and keeping our health care decisions where the Founders assured us that they'd be and where they belong...close to home."

About the Tenth Amendment Center:
The Tenth Amendment Center, a Los Angeles-based think tank founded in 2006, acts as a forum for education and activism in support of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/ (http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/)

About WeRefuse.com:
WeRefuse.com is an on online petition center where citizens of each state can express their demands for nullification of National Health Care and other over-reaching federal legislation.  http://www.WeRefuse.com