CHQ - Tony Perkins Urges Conservatives Not To Give To the RNC


Tony Perkins Urges Conservatives Not To Give To the RNC | 01 April 2010

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From @RichardViguerie:

Socialism is such a discredited ideology in America that even socialists don't like being called socialists. #tcot

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FRC's Tony Perkins Urges Conservatives Not To Give To the RNC
Politico -- Family Research Council head urges members: "If you want to put money into the political process, and I encourage you to do so, give directly to candidates who you know reflect your values."

Would the Founding Fathers Love Obamacare?
Wall Street Journal -- Daniel Henninger argues the American people have pushed back against institutional big government in the past, and that recent elections in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts are evidence voters are ready for another push.

Republicans Move Ahead in Latest Gallup Poll
Gallup -- GOP with a rare three-point lead, a phenomenon which happened in 1950, 1994, and 2002 and followed strong Republican electoral wins.

Tea Party Finds Its Motivation In Constitution -- Michael Barone on the Founders vs. the Progressives.

Waxman Convenes the First Death Panel -- The first victims of the powerful Democratic congressman?  Businesses sharing how many jobs they will have to cut in the wake of Obamacare.

Cries of 'Vote Them Out!' Heard in Colorado
Denver Daily News - The Tea Party Express that began last weekend with the huge rally in Searchlight, Nevada, rolled through Denver yesterday, greeted by a crowd of local conservatives enthusiastically shouting 'Vote them out!' and demanding reform in Congress.

Tea Party: A Brewing Movement
The New American - Joe Wolverton, II presents a thoughtful overview of America's Tea Parties, examining the movement's roots (that go much deeper than last year), discussing the present, and prognosticating the future of the movement.

Republicans, Eying Midterm Election, Wary of Push for Health Care Repeal
CNS News - Despite the fact that polls consistently show a majority of Americans favor repeal of Obamacare, some Republican leaders are softening their rhetoric in opposition.  Will the GOP ever really learn?