CHQ - Viguerie: Conservatives Relish a Fight With Obama Over Supreme Court Nominees

Viguerie: Conservatives Relish a Fight With Obama Over Supreme Court Nominees

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Viguerie: Conservatives Relish a Fight With Obama Over Supreme Court Nominees
New York Times -- RIchard Viguerie comments in the New York Times on how conservatives are ready to learn what Obama's nomination to the Supreme Court will tell us about the president's radical agenda for America.

The Incredible Rightness of Being Seditious
RedState -- Democrats are now trotting out the word 'sedition' as a label for Tea Party activists and those challenging the Obama Administration's policies. 

WA Senate: Will Rossi Run? -- Former GOP gubernatorial nominee Dino Rossi is considering a challenge to Democratic incumbent Senator Patty Murray, a move many insiders say would pose the best chance of toppling a member of the Senate Democratic leadership.

NV Senate: GOP Challengers Await April 26
Las Vegas Review Journal -- That's the day when TV advertising rates drop, and GOP hopefuls make the best case to take on Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

AEI: "Cutting Taxes" Often An Empty Promise, Among Others
NROnline -- A recent study by conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, reveals that "no tax hikes" often results in the maintenance of the status quo.  Tea Partiers surveyed reveal that government spending -- not taxes -- are one of the real concerns behind the movement, and the key to smaller government.

If You Give Money to the Republican Party, You Subsidize Al Sharpton
NPLC - Peter Flaherty reveals how the Republican National Committee is bankrolling Al Sharpton's National Action Network, as the RNC is listed as one of 45 major donors to a NAN conference last weekend. 

Lasting change comes from people, not government
Daily Caller - Ed Ross writes on transformational movements in American history, causes that started out as simple ideas and then grew through peaceful protest into forces that changed the country.  Ross does not agree that Pres. Obama's election constitutes a 'transformational' moment, but the Tea Parties that have risen in opposition to his policies just might be considered one someday.

Poll:  Palin, Paul seen as leaders of the two Tea Party factions
Politico - A Politico/Target Point poll taken of Tea Party activists at a Tax Day Tea Party rally in Washington last week found that the Tea Party movement appears to be split between those who consider themselves socially conservative and those who are more libertarian-minded.  Predictably, the social conservative faction tended to favor Gov. Sarah Palin, and the libertarians like Ron Paul - but they all seem to unify on one point:  that Big Government is the problem and needs to be dealt with.

Tea party activists call foul on GOP
Cincinnati Enquirer - It should come as no surprise that members of a State Republican Party are doing their best to stifle any opposition, but the Ohio GOP appears to be going out of its way to ensure that Tea Party activists aren't allowed access to their state central committee elections.  Naturally, the Tea Party members aren't happy about it, and are threatening to withhold their support of Ohio's Republican candidates as a result.

The problem with Sarah Palin
American Spectator - Quin Hillyer writes on the political star that Gov. Sarah Palin has become, and acknowledges that there's much to like about her - but upon a closer examination of her record and actions, there's still a lot more that we need to know about her before we can justly anoint her as a leader of a movement, or the country.

Republicans find 'conservative' label useful in California
Modesto Bee - California is not always known as a safe haven for conservatives, but here's a look at how Republican candidates in the Golden State are vying to claim the 'conservative' label for themselves - and to separate themselves from the stigma of the big-spending GOP.