NetRight Daily: Patriots Day, Debunking Tea Party Racism, Crist and More

Crist Out? - News broke this morning that Charlie Crist, establishment candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida, has pulled all of his T.V. ads off the air. This can mean a couple of things such as campaign funds have dried up--but more likely is that he will soon be dropping out.

Video: Debunking Tea Party Racism - This awesome video was shot at the D.C. Tea Party this past Thursday.

It's Not Lucrative Being Green - April presents both the onset of spring for most of a winter-ravaged nation and the odd calendar quirk of tax filing day being followed one week later by Earth Day. Both days affect one's financial situation, but for different reasons.

The Bum's Rush - On December 15th, 2010, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission is due to deliver its report to Barack Obama on the principal causes of the financial meltdown of 2007 and 2008.

The Party of Jefferson or The Party of Hamilton - The Democratic Party has long portrayed itself as the party of Jefferson. This claim is largely the result of a speech made by Thomas Jefferson's grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph, at the 1872 Democratic National Convention and not as the result of similarities in ideology between today's Democratic Party and the party Jefferson founded.

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