Where Do New Hampshire's GOP Senate Candidates Stand on Financial Reform?


CONCORD - With Washington set to address financial reform legislation this week, will Kelly Ayotte, Bill Binnie and the Republican GOP field once again chose to stand with Wall Street banks instead of New Hampshire's middle-class families and small businesses? Ayotte and her Republican opponents have consistently advocated lax regulation of the reckless big banks that New Hampshire taxpayers were forced to bail out last year.


"So far, Kelly Ayotte and Bill Binnie have stood with Wall Street instead of Main Street at every step on the campaign trail," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Will this week be any different? As we try to reform and rebuild a system that destroyed New Hampshire's economy and left our middle-class families gasping for air, will Ayotte and Binnie try to take us back to business as usual?"


Kelly Ayotte and Bill Binnie have consistently pushed a Wall Street agenda on New Hampshire, including policies that would de-regulate big banks, allow lavish bonuses for top financial executives, create insurance company-run health care, promote tax cuts to the wealthy and allow unlimited corporate control over local elections.


In February, Ayotte's campaign lashed out against a proposal to get back exorbitant Wall Street bonuses paid out by big banks that received billions in taxpayer-funded bailout money [Nashua Telegraph, 2/11/10]. Ayotte and Binnie both came out against a plan to hold Wall Street accountable and recover taxpayer dollars used to bail out big banks by attaching a fee to those banks that accepted large sums of taxpayer funds to remain afloat. [Union Leader, 1/21/10]