Chris Sununu Release: Hollingworth Breaks Her Silence and Says Nothing

Incumbent Democrat Hollingworth ignores serious policy matters;
Instead lobbies for political allies

EXETER – Today, Chris Sununu, candidate for New Hampshire’s District 3 Executive Council seat, expressed concern regarding comments made by Executive Councilor Bev Hollingworth suggesting that Governor Lynch quickly stack the State Liquor Commission with Democrat appointments.

“It’s amazing that after months of hiding on serious policy matters, Bev Hollingworth finally breaks her silence in order to lobby for her Democrat friends’ appointments to the Liquor Commission,” said Sununu. “Hollingworth has failed to even acknowledge important issues such as the Salem toll booth, or the circumvention of an open-bid process for the state’s health care services.  But, as soon as there’s a chance to play partisan politics with the Liquor Commission, she jumps at the chance to speak.”
Hollingworth, an incumbent Democrat, recently admitted that she recommended to Governor Lynch that he fill a Republican vacancy on the State Liquor Commission with a Democrat. (  Sununu suggested that his opponent in the District 3 race had been absent on important matters that require strict oversight by the Executive Council.
“The voters deserve someone who will take serious the Council’s oversight responsibility, and that’s why I’m running for this office.  The Executive Council is not a place for politicians who want to return political favors without doing the work of the people.”