NetRight Daily: Video Contest, Bailouts, and More

Harmful Regulation Video Contest:  The EPA has decided to start a video contest, seeking to gather films promoting government regulations. The prize is $2,500 of stolen cash from the taxpayer. But we have launched our own contest, with a $2,500 prize. Be sure to enter!

The War on Cigarettes:  Add another chapter to the long and voluminous history of government's failed "Vice Wars." Just like Prohibition and the so-called "War on Drugs," the ongoing cigarette crackdown in both the United States and Canada has not only failed to achieve its objective, but it is creating bureaucracies that threaten liberty and prosperity as well as spawning a violent subculture that puts lives at risk on both sides of the border.

They Dare Not Call It a Bailout:  Last week, defending his latest attempt for the government to take over the nation's financial system, Senator Chris Dodd said, "This bill has been written specifically to end any notion of any kind of a bailout by the American taxpayer again."

Liberal Media's Racial Obsession Obfuscates Tea Party Libertarian Appeal:  If you are to believe a front page report in The New York Times that explores recent poll results, the dominant force in Tea Party rallies in opposition to government run health care and other spending schemes are racially insensitive white males according to poll results.

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VIDEO:  Budget Bullies in California try to get their way with the budget via Big Labor.

How Public Unions Broke California:  Pensions we can't afford, silly rules, and waste.  Public sector unions must be reined in.

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