NetRight Daily: Stimulus, Contests and More

The Painful Cost of "Stimulus" - Apparently, everyone in the world is worried about rapidly increasing sovereign debt except for Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner. Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a stark warning that unprecedented deficit-spending throughout the world to cope with the recession could trigger a "new phase" in the financial crisis.

Harmful Regulations Video Contest! - The EPA has decided to start a video contest, seeking to gather films promoting government regulations. The prize is $2,500 of stolen cash from the taxpayer. But we have launched our own contest, with a $2,500 prize. Be sure to enter!

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Who Are The Tea Parties? - In the liberal media, the tea party movement has become a twofold issue. On one hand, those who are involved in the movement are seen as potential threats, as stated earlier this week by President Bill Clinton. On the other hand, they are disregarded and mocked by the Obama Administration. As previously reported by Americans for Limited Government (ALG), those involved in the tea party movement have been attacked and considered "un-American" for standing up for their rights and liberties.

McDonnell:  If You Bash, It Will Pass - Today is the Veto Session in the Virginia General Assembly. This is a one-day meeting of both chambers in Virginia's capitol, to approve or deny changes to bills that passed in the previous session made by Bob McDonnell, the bogged down Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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