CHQ - Craig Shirley: A Movement Grows (But Washington Doesn't Understand It)

Craig Shirley: A Movement Grows (But Washington Doesn't Understand It)

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Craig Shirley: A Movement Grows (But Washington Doesn't Understand It)
Washington Examiner - Conservative author Craig Shirley touches on the Tea Party movement, and argues that it holds more power than the Republican Party establishment in Washington - but it also needs to figure out what to do with that power.

Conservatives Gearing Up To Fight Supreme Court Nominee Over Abortion
Washington Times - Conservatives appear to be gearing up to fight any potential Justice that would be friendly to the pro-abortion crowd.

GOP Hints At Giving Ground On The Wall Street Bill
Politico - There are signs that Republicans are beginning to crack.  A close look at the 'reforms' Democrats are proposing reveals a bill choked with Constitutional and Big Government oversight problems - and conservatives need to oppose them with the same vigor as the Obamacare bill.

CNN Poll Shows Americans Want Conservative, Moderate Supreme Court Justice - Three-quarters of the American publicdo not want another activist Justice on the nation's highest court.

Pro Life Organizations Take Democrats to Task On Obamacare
Politico -- Four social conservative organizations are targeting self-styled "pro-life" Democrats who voted for ObamaCare despite the embedded provisions for expanding access to abortion.

Democratic Candidates Embracing Tea Party
Miami Herald -- Tea Party Democrats are beginning to challenge their establishment as well.

Blacks, the Media, and Tea Parties
American Thinker -- Black entertainer and songwriter Lloyd Marcus criticizes the mainstream media's arrogance and condescension towards black conservatives.

Has Ron Paul Arrived On The Scene?
American Conservative - Jack Hunter presents a music industry analogy to argue that Rep. Ron Paul and his views are becoming more and more acceptable to the mainstream.

Bachmann Standing By 'Gangster Government'
The Hill - Rep. Michele Bachmann isn't backing down over her use of the term 'gangster government' to describe the way Democrats are handling their role as the majority Party.

Crist's Move To Bring In The Feds May Backfire On Him
American Spectator - Floridian Larry Thornberry writes of Gov. Charlie Crist's latest desperate attempt to discredit conservative challenger Marco Rubio, saying Crist is the one who's closer to those who might be implicated in a scandal and may ultimately bear the brunt of the need to elaborate.