NetRight Daily: Earth Day Edition

Earth Day: A Cloaked Celebration of Statism - Each year on April 22 Americans celebrate Earth Day. While the "holiday" is dressed up as a day to preserve the Earth, it serves little more as a day to attack the benefits of capitalism and modern society. Does anyone really know what Earth Day is really all about?

John Stossel and the Media's "Statist Syndrome" - When he first began his career as a crusading consumer journalist in the 1970s, John Stossel believed fervently that higher taxes and greater government involvement in the marketplace were integral checks against corporate greed and malfeasance. With an irreverent, intelligent and skeptical tone that riled corporations -- but resonated with viewers -- Stossel's career flourished, leading him to the pinnacle of his profession at ABC News.

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Harmful Regulations Video Contest - Americans for Limited Government/NetRight Nation and the Fr33 Agents Network have announced that we will host our own contest. The reward is $2,500 not stolen from the tax payers. Here are the rules to enter...

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