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Leadership Matters

This week, we launched a new radio ad entitled "Leadership Matters," which highlights Governor Lynch's failed leadership and abysmal fiscal record. After three failed terms in office, New Hampshire voters are sick and tired of John Lynch’s reckless spending, skyrocketing deficits and job-killing taxes. Make no mistake - this will be a campaign unlike any John Lynch has seen before.

Enough is enough.

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Lynch Below 50%

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that John Lynch's reelection support has dropped below 50%.

"As Rasmussen says, any time an incumbent is at 50 percent and under, they are very vulnerable, and that's what we've been saying all along," said NHGOP Chairman John H. Sununu. "Governor Lynch may be liked because he is nice, but he is a very poor governor, and the people of the state are beginning to recognize there is a need for change in 2010."

As Mike Memoli of Real Clear Politics said, “For first time since he was elected, NH Gov. Lynch (D) may have a real race on his hands."


Annual Meeting Wrap Up

This past Saturday, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Members came together for the 2010 Annual Meeting. Members got to hear from all candidates seeking federal office as well as those running for Governor.

After a few quick votes, many people stayed for a luncheon featuring Florida Congressman Connie Mack who was delighted to go home with a quart of pure New Hampshire maple syrup!

"I’m driven by the belief that freedom is the core of all human progress; that without security no one can be truly free; and that prosperity can only be achieved and maintained through both freedom and security."


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