NHDP - Chair Ray Buckley on Democratic Efforts to Reform Wall Street

Concord - Today President Obama traveled to New York City to argue for the Wall Street reforms that will address the underlying causes of the economic crisis that nearly drove the U.S. economy off a cliff. President Obama has called on Congress to enact strong reforms that increase Wall Street accountability, boost consumer financial protections, and end taxpayer bailouts for Wall Street gamblers. 
Below is a statement from New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley in support of the efforts made by President Obama and New Hampshire's Democratic Congressional Delegation to protect Granite Staters from another financial crisis:
"Democrats in Congress are working hard to undo the reckless Republican policies that drove our economy into a ditch and forced Granite State taxpayers to bailout the big banks. I applaud the efforts of President Obama and New Hampshire's Democratic congressional delegation for cleaning up the mess created during eight long years of Bush economics.
"Instead of supporting the sensible reform proposed by President Obama, Republicans - including New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg - have decided to sell their votes to Wall Street. But if Republicans have their way, when the next crisis hits it will be Granite State taxpayers that foot the bill through more big bank bailouts.