Ashooh Campaign Launches New Web Site

Stresses use of social media as a way to connect with voters

(Manchester) With interest and support for his campaign continuing to grow, First District Congressional candidate Rich Ashooh launched his new web site today.  The new site builds upon the version originally used by the Republican businessman who entered the race back in February.
Ashooh said, “Retail politics is still vitally important in any New Hampshire campaign, but technology continues to provide candidates like me with new ways to connect with voters.  Besides using our web page to share my ideas and let people know how they can become involved in the campaign, my goal is to also leverage the current social media tools to help get my message out.  It’s exciting to have the ability to upload my “Tax Day” video to YouTube, Tweet about an event or share photos within minutes.  These tools will have a tremendous impact on our organization and compliment the vigorous face-to-face campaigning I’m doing everyday throughout the district.

To learn more about Rich Ashooh and his ideas, visit: