CHQ - The Real Republican Civil War

The Real Republican Civil War

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The Real Republican Civil War -- The battle between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist in Florida symbolizes the battle between principled reformers and the GOP establishment nationally.

Brent Bozell: Powerful Lobbies vs. Ordinary Citizens -- When it comes to the vulgarities of Hollywood, Brent Bozell finds that what ordinary citizens might not want to see becomes court protected free speech for the power elites in Hollywood.

Florida Senate: Rubio 37%, Crist 30%, Meek 22%
Rasmussen Reports - Even if Florida Gov. Charlie Crist decides to bolt the Republican Party to run for the U.S. Senate as an Independent, he'll still be behind conservative favorite Marco Rubio, as a recent Rasmussen poll reveals.

Ralph Benko:  Tribute To The $100 Trillion Man
Washington Examiner - Ralph Benko writes of a little-known or appreciated figure in world history, Robert Mundell, the father of supply-side economics and political policies that are responsible for creating $100 trillion in wealth since the early 80's.

Paul Ryan: Obama Leading America on 'Dangerous Path' to Welfare State
Newsmax - Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan explains why Pres. Obama is leading us on the path towards socialism, and more importantly, what we can do to combat it.

Why The Tea Party Transcends Race
World Net Daily - Alan Keyes writes of the reasons why America's Tea Parties have nothing to do with race, namely their ability to bring forth common citizens who all believe in the same things - the principles in the Constitution, a trust in God, and a love of country.

Why The GOP Should Continue To Fight The Wall Street Bill
Wall Street Journal - The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal writes on what's happening, and why the Republicans must continue to push back against the Democrats' Big Government bill.

Reality and Myth About The Upcoming Supreme Court Confirmation Process
Power Line (blog) - The White House is claiming that there's going to be a huge fight over the impending Supreme Court nominee to replace the retiring Justice Stevens (and we can only hope there will be), but here's a conservative's look at some of Pres. Obama's leading candidates - and the amount of opposition that they might face.