NetRight Daily: Capitalism, ACORN and More

60% Prefer Capitalism - 60% of American Adults prefer Capitalism over Socialism according to a new Rasmussen Report. Only 18% prefer Socialism. After having a year to experience the further slide towards Socialism, Americans are rejecting it.

American Federation of Teachers Funded ACORN After Video Scandal - Union officers who are "shocked and angered" over proposed budget cuts in N.J. that will supposedly harm young students have thus far failed to find their voice where the spending habits of their respective national organizations are concerned.

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A "Green" Strategy for the GOP's Uncertain Future - The Obama administration and Democratic Party are fond of labeling the GOP "the Party of No." Republicans are correct to say "no" to an outrageous far-left agenda, but this might not be enough for voters, many of whom would like to see positive actions. It should not be forgotten that the nation voted for change in 2008; while voters are beginning to realize that they chose the wrong kind of change, this should not be interpreted as a mandate to return to Bush-era neo-conservatism.

Down the Rabbit Hole Permanently - Yesterday, Barack Obama presented his plans to take over the nation's financial system in a speech in the Great Hall at Cooper Union. Although they would not know it if they happened to listen to his speech, the American people are actually being led down the rabbit hole.

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