Progressives States Action - Statement on AZ Gov. Brewer's Signing of SB 1070

New York, NY -- Progressive States Action and State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy (SLPIP) released the following statement today in response to Gov. Brewer’s signing of SB 1070 into law in Arizona:

"We are deeply disappointed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s decision to sign SB 1070, a draconian and anti-immigrant bill that will encourage racial profiling, further decimate the state’s economy, and hurt all Arizona residents. This bill does nothing to address the nation’s broken immigration system, and is a misguided approach to immigration policy at a time when states should welcome immigrants as engines of economic growth. We urge other states to not follow Arizona’s lead."

State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy (SLPIP) is a group of state legislators from states around the nation who are committed to supporting policies at the state and federal level, including comprehensive immigration reform, that reflect our core values as a nation -- such as promoting basic democratic principles and recognizing the contributions of all communities.

“It's time Arizona actually works toward real solutions, not unconstitutional bills that force law enforcement to go after janitors and landscapers instead of the real problem -- violent human, drug, weapon and sex traffickers that harm our cities and towns," said Arizona State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, an outspoken opponent of the bill, SLPIP leader and PSA board member.

SLPIP's full statement of principles is viewable online at: