NHElection.info - Seventeen Thousand Slots!

This week the NH House turned back aggressive gambling legislation that would have put 17,000 slot machines in 6 locations around the state. See how your legislators voted:

House: http://nhelection.info/rollcall/vote/2010/H/162/ALL%20Polling%20Places
Senate: http://nhelection.info/rollcall/vote/2010/S/32/ALL%20Polling%20Places

Did you know that the New Hampshire House has recorded a roll call vote 166 times so far this year? And the New Hampshire Senate has done the same 55 times. Know how your legislators have voted by visiting the Rollcall Tool at NHelection.info. Over 100 votes have been scored by the Statistician at NHelection.info. There are over 2,500 roll call votes in the database datingback to 2001, and that includes well over HALF a MILLION votes cast by NH legislators during that time!

Rollcall Tool: http://nhelection.info/rollcall

ALSO, check out the scores for your House Representatives on 24 key roll call votes. Do you know how you are being represented?

The 2010 Scorecard: http://nhelection.info/scorecard

Suggestions? Email mailto:statistician@nhelection.info

For the Republic,

The Statistician