CHQ - Lee Edwards: Buckely and Reagan, Fighting the Good Fight

Lee Edwards: Buckely and Reagan, Fighting the Good Fight

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Lee Edwards: Buckely and Reagan, Fighting the Good Fight
National Review -- The editors of National Review offer a glimpse at Lee Edwards' latest biography on conservative icon William F. Buckley.

New Poll: Bennett On The Brink of Defeat
Salt Lake Tribune -- Conservative challengers Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater poll at 37 and 20 percent respectively, while Senator Bob Bennett stands at a paltry 16%.

GA: Ray Boyd Refuses Loyalty Oath to GOP, Mulling a Third Party Run
Southern Political Report -- After being denied the Republican nomination for refusing to swear a loyalty oath to the Georgia GOP, conservative Ray Boyd is considering a self-financed $2 million bid for governor.

VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's Conservative National Profile -- Cuccinelli's national profile, built on his reputation as a principled conservative, rivals that of heavyweight contenders on the left such as Andrew Cuomo and Martha Coakley.  The Richmond Examiner's Karyn McDermott gives five reasons why.

Cuccinelli Headlines Rubio Fundraiser in Florida
WaPo Virginia Politics -- Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's national reputation grows, headlining a fundraiser for conservative challenger Marco Rubio in Florida, who recognized Cuccinelli as a "nationwide leader in fighting the unconstitutional excesses of the federal government."

What Gallup Didn't Do With Their Enthusiasm Poll -- Gallup conveniently leaves out the nosedive Democrats are seeing across the board, and the rise in enthusiasm on the right.

Hayworth Sees Momentum in Arizona Immigration Law
Washington Times - As if the Arizona GOP U.S. Senate race wasn't hot enough, the recently passed state immigration crackdown has made it even hotter.  J.D. Hayworth is challenging Sen. John McCain for the Party's nomination, and he sees the passage of the law as proof that his get-tough stance on illegal immigration is providing him momentum in the contest.

Republicans Suffering for 2008 Bank Bailout Vote
Associated Press - Conservative leaders such as Richard Viguerie predicted back in 2008 that any Republicans that voted for the TARP program to bailout Wall Street would face conservative challengers in the future - and it's certainly coming true, as Republicans who caved when it counted are having trouble in primaries all across the country.

Poll: Support for Repeal of Health-Care Reform Law Increases After One Month
CNS News - Democrats predicted that once passed, Americans would welcome the federal takeover of the healthcare industry with open arms, but polls are revealing that just the opposite is true.  Voters have had a month to get used to the idea, yet opposition to Obamacare is only growing in strength.

Texas Tea Party Not Embracing The GOP (TX) - Tea Party activists in Texas are no longer buying the Republican Party's claims of being fiscally responsible, and they're becoming politically active to stand up for what the GOP has failed to advocate for too long.  Here's a look at how the local Tea Parties in Abilene, Texas want nothing to do with officially joining the Republican Party.

Rep. Bob Inglis Draws RINO Hunters
Politico - South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis seems proud that he's 'moderated' during his second tenure in Congress, but his newfound willingness to cross conservatives has not endeared him to his district's base.  Local Tea Parties are vowing to kick Inglis out of office, and he's got several conservative challengers who hope to accomplish just that.

Pat Buchanan:  Whose country is this?
Human Events - Pat Buchanan looks at the new Arizona crackdown on illegal immigration as a logical response to the federal government's utter failure to do its job in enforcing the border with Mexico.  Buchanan takes Pres. Obama and the law's opponents to task for their weak-kneed reaction to the situation and asks rhetorically:  whose country is this?