NetRight Daily: Financial Takeover Bill Stopped For Second Straight Day!

The Financial Takeover Charade Continues - For the second day in a row, a bi-partisan coalition has stopped the Dodd Financial Takeover Bill from progressing in the Senate. The vote was 57-41, with everyone voting exactly as they did yesterday.

Republicans Need Firm Preconditions for Real Reform - Yesterday, Senate Republicans took a firm stand against the government takeover of the nation's financial sector, as the Senate failed to reach the 60 votes necessary to proceed to the bill proposed by Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT). Even Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) voted against proceeding to the bill, demonstrating bipartisan opposition to its key provisions, provisions that endangered politicians ultimately do not want to be associated with.

Republicans Block Financial Takeover Bill--For the Meantime - Senate Republicans blocked the Chris Dodd Financial Takeover Bill in the U.S. Senate. In a 57-41 vote with two abstaining, the Financial Takeover Bill has been stalled for the time being.

Tales From the Spin Zone - How the sausage knows as the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman was made.

Salt: The New Tobacco? - Debate strategists typically advise against slippery-slope arguments — assigning far-off, outrageous conclusions to your opposition only dilutes the urgency of the moment. Still, one cannot resist guessing how far beyond its stated goal the creeping hand of the Nanny State will reach. Rule of thumb: statists always want more than they're asking for. For instance, once federal and local governments declared war on Big Tobacco, even the most dispassionate observer could tell that Oreos, Twinkies and Big Macs were not far behind.

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