DNC - NH Political Report: DNC ad targets Gregg on financial reform

Watch the new DNC TV Ad “Risky Business” HERE



DNC ad targets Gregg on financial reform

by James Pindell

DNC says about the ad (which will air on DC and national cable outlets): “Despite the greed and the excess, the bailouts and the bonuses, the pain and the anger, Republicans have unanimously taken the side of big Wall Street banks over the side of Main Street families.  And New Hampshire’s Judd Gregg is no different – Gregg has consistently opposed regulating the reckless Wall Street practices that brought our economy to the brink of a second Great Depression just a few years ago.

Gregg’s vigorous defense of Wall Street may help land him on the board of a company, or a job lobbying but it won’t help the tens of thousands of Granite Staters who every day worry that once again the economy could come crashing down around them as a result of big bank’s reckless practices.”



Michael Czin

Northeast Regional Press Secretary

Democratic National Committee