Republican US Senate Candidate Jim Bender Speaks on Illegal Immigration

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

HOLLIS, NH - Republican US Senate Candidate Jim Bender today releases a statement of his position regarding illegal immigration:


  • Secure the border to prevent the problem from getting any worse
  • Reform the policies which create incentives for immigrants and employers to break the law
  • Don’t play the blame game – focus on solving the problems
  • Empower State governments to assist in federal efforts and to apply their own solutions

Jim Bender's statement:

"We can’t fault people for wanting to come to America – it is the greatest country in the world.  We have excellent hospitals, a great education system, and an immense entitlement-driven welfare program – all of which is a further enticement for people to come into this country.  The incentives are so great, many will choose to come illegally, and many will succeed.

Legal immigration has always been an asset to our economy, and we need more of it.  We must streamline the process, allow more legal immigrants to come to America, and we must dramatically expand our guest worker and visitor programs.

But all of those efforts are for naught, unless we first address the problem of illegal immigration.  We must create jobs for citizens first.  We must restore the rule of law.  We must secure our borders.

There’s a lot of blame to go around, and we need to focus on where we can make a difference.  I’m campaigning to be a US Senator because I see the problems, and I’m ready to be part of the solution.  I won’t be pointing fingers at people and looking to the past.  I’m looking to the future.

For decades, the federal government has been promising to enforce our immigrations laws, but it has measurably failed to do so.  This has placed enormous pressures on the States, who are ultimately burdened with the immediate consequences. Government policy and lack of enforcement is responsible for this problem more than any other cause.  The Congress has been busy crafting legislation that distorts market forces and creates twisted incentives for employers and for immigrants to flout the law.

The employment laws and regulatory systems in America are so intrusive, complex, and costly that many companies are discouraged from hiring citizens.  They’re asked to absorb substantially higher costs of labor in the name of adhering to Washington policy.  Millions of small business owners are making hiring choices, and inexpensive, regulation-free labor is an insidious temptation.

To turn around these serious problems, I have a concrete plan to reduce unemployment, re-establish our sovereignty, and secure new hope for immigrants and employers who are willing to abide by the law.

In the Senate, I will spearhead the efforts to restore integrity to our government and to protect the rights of our citizens.  And I can say with full certainty that the very first step in our solution to the problem of illegal immigration will be to secure the border.

Securing the border is the only way to guarantee that our efforts can and will have any impact.  Then, we can look to reforming our policies to establish the proper incentives to encourage people to obey the law and work hard."