CEI Weekly: CEI Joins Push for Privacy Reforms

CEI Weekly

April 2, 2010 

>>CEI Joins Coalition to Bring Privacy Laws Into Digital Age

The Digital Due Process coalition, which includes CEI, the ACLU, and the Center for Democracy & Technology, was launched this week to urge for safeguards limiting governmental access to individual information stored online. The coalition has proposed core principles for reforming federal privacy laws, which were covered on CNETthe New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

>>CEI's Human Achievement Hour a Media Success

CEI's "Human Achievement Hour" enjoyed plenty of coverage this week in several publications including the USA Today, the Vancouver Sun, the Brisbane Times, the Hindu, the Montreal Gazette, the National Post, the Global Post, the Toronto Star, the American Thinker, BBC RadioABC News Sacramento, and the Herald Sun.

>>Shaping the Debate 

NASA Data Worse Than Climate-Gate Data, Space Agency Admits

Chris Horner's citation on Fox News

Fix Immigration Rules to Crush Black Market

Ryan Young and Alex Nowrasteh's op-ed in the Detroit News

‘Cap and Trade’ Loses Its Standing as Energy Policy of Choice

Myron Ebell's citation in the New York Times


>>Best of the Blogs

Climategate Whitewash

by Iain Murray

The UK’s House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has issued its report into the so-called Climategate scandal.  As might be expected, it’s pretty much a whitewash, except as detailed below.  Only one MP dissented from its conclusions.  There seem to me to be some serious errors and omissions in the reports, but I’m not the only one.

On the Hill: Anti-Consumer Wine Shipping Regulations

by Angela Logomasini

Recently the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts and Competition Policy held hearings on alcohol regulation and the three-tier system. You can watch the hearing online and read written testimony as well. It is good that policymakers are focused on the mess created by anti-competitive alcohol regulations. But rather than considering ways to fix a bureaucratic and unfair regulatory mess, the subject was legislation that promises to make things worse. 

>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 86: Maximum Toyota Overdrive

Richard Morrison, Jeremy Lott, and William Yeatman bring you episode 86. We cover the unfolding Obama agenda on Capitol Hill, Wayne Crew on manufacturing and innovation, roadblocks for U.S. companies in China, the Toyota sudden acceleration story and a media roundup from Human Achievement Hour. >>Support CEI

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